Pricing is available for single-day studio rental for meetings or preferred pricing packages for multiday studio commitments. The studio is reserved for an 8-hour calendar day and includes full use of the Pando platform, Pando studio, and studio crew for a contiguous 8-hour period.

  • Flexible start/stop time
  • 8-hour period can be used for a single Pando meeting or multiple Pando meetings


  • 20%-70% or more savings over traditional live meetings without compromising engagement
  • Significant savings derived from avoiding airfare, hotel, meal, and other travel-related expenses
  • Reduction in honorarium payments (if applicable) can also be expected
  • Efficiencies realized in areas such as meeting planning and time out of office
  • Cost savings further realized by holding multiple Pando meetings in a studio day

Pando Preferred Partnership Program

Pando offers Gold and Platinum Preferred Programs. Both programs include:

  • Commitment to a minimum number of dates in 2018
  • Preferred pricing
  • Client can declare “Preferred Pando Partner” in promotion

Level 1 Partner–Gold

  • Commitment to 5 Pando reserve/hold dates in 2018
  • Introductory demo event for up to 50 attendees at Pando Studio

Level II Partner–Platinum

  • Commitment to 10 Pando reserve/hold dates in 2018
  • Introductory demo for up to 100 attendees at Pando Studio; includes the possibility of a live Pando demo with remote participants
  • Customized Pando promotional video with client name and “preferred partner” designation