Webinar – Hybrid Meetings

This is the Business Travel News Town Hall webinar series discussing the future of meetings and why virtual will become increasingly important. Hear from industry leaders who are navigating our new reality in their organizations and how they plan to include hybrid meetings into their strategic plans.

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One thing about the future of meetings and events is clear: Going forward, there will almost always be a virtual component. At first, we may be looking at fully virtual events, but even after the intense crisis of Covid-19 is in the rearview mirror, the hybrid element will remain. Why? One reason is top of mind right now: Medically vulnerable people need to have the opportunity to attend events, and hybrid meetings opens doors for them. We probably should have been doing this already. But there are plenty of other, less obvious, reasons. Cost may be a factor moving forward in financially uncertain times. Hybrid meetings can help cut costs associated with wholly face-to-face events. What about new opportunities? Hybrid meetings are looping in more attendees than their face to face counterparts. In addition, the value is different. Remember all that data you wish you could capture during the face to face event? It’s literally at your fingertips in a virtual setting. That’s management and sponsorship gold if you play the cards right. In this BTN Meetings Town Hall webinar, we’ll talk about the challenges but also the opportunities inherent in hybrid events, and how some companies have already changed their strategies successfully.

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