About Us

Drawing its name from the oldest and largest living organism on earth—45,000 trees connected by a single root system and genetic code—Pando is the latest innovation offered by The Inception Company. A leading provider of video production, interactive visual solutions, meeting planning, and broadcast and webcast platforms for both live and virtual meetings, The Inception Company team saw a gap in meeting options. Recognizing that their clients wanted more alternatives to their live meetings and that virtual meeting technology often did not address their objectives, the Inception team created Pando, the first-to-market solution that offers a face-to-face meeting experience delivered virtually.

Built on the foundation of The Inception Company’s extensive production and technology expertise delivering captivating meetings flawlessly, Pando brings the impact of a live meeting to a virtual audience. Clients value the ability to interact with their participants and the “lean in” virtual engagement which keeps participants’ interest and participants appreciate the lack of travel while still experiencing the interaction and collaboration of a live meeting.

Pando enables clients to have more frequent meetings while avoiding the cost, logistics, and scheduling challenges of travel. The meeting is facilitated by an in-studio moderator who interacts with up to 60 participants displayed on the 40-foot Pandorama video wall, as well as up to 5000 off-wall participants and/or observers worldwide. Supported by a full studio production crew, all elements of the meeting are managed to ensure a dynamic and engaging meeting experience, including the participants’ audio and video feeds, all program content, polling/survey questions and results; and five in-studio cameras.

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