Where Virtual Meetings

Introducing Pando

The collaboration of face-to-face, the convenience of virtual, and the impact of a live studio production.

a totally new meeting experience

In the Action

All on-camera participants are always visible on the Pandorama live video wall and can see the moderator, the content, or each other when speaking. Participant engagement is enhanced through interactive response and survey tools.

  • Up to 60 remote on-camera participants
  • Virtually unlimited off-camera participants
  • Only the moderator needs to be on-location in Fairfield, NJ

Quite a Production

Remote meetings, reimagined. Features include:

  • Custom in-studio and on-screen branding
  • Private/VIP chat functionality
  • Dedicated production staff

fully connected

Metrics & Insights

The Pando platform was built to maximize engagement and collaboration. Meeting analytics are generated by the proprietary Pando Index of Engagement (PIE) algorithm, which measures participant engagement through several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

To the Meeting & Beyond​

Built-in video/audio recording and archiving extends the impact of your meeting, allowing you to share with participants who could not attend or repurpose for other audiences.

Painless Onboarding

There's no special software or hardware required for participants. Connecting is simple but if you encounter a problem, our helpdesk is ready to assist.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Employee training and distance learning sessions
  • Sales management meetings
  • Market research and focus groups
  • Industry advisory boards
  • Global management meetings
  • Corporate governance boards

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Let's Connect!

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Shaun Urban, President

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